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On behalf of the Officers, Executive Board Members, and Shop Stewards of Local 1034, I would like to welcome you to the RWDSU Local 1034 web site.


I have been working with the union now for nearly 45 years.  I realized years ago, how important the union can, and should, be for the workers– and I have always strived to make the union work for its people.  I've been challenged in ways I never thought I would and this has also been a learning experience for me.  I have come through some good times, and some bad times – but whatever the challenge, I have NEVER given up.  I have learned from my experiences, and use that knowledge to make things better.  Serving as president, I hope to perform to your expectations.  YOU, the members, are what makes Local 1034 what it is; and because of this, YOU, the members, come first and foremost on my agenda.  My goal is to do the right thing, and to provide my Brothers and Sisters of Local 1034 with the best representation possible.


I believe the number one job of the Local and it’s executives is to negotiate the best possible collective agreement with input from the members, to ensure that the employer adheres to the collective agreement at all times and that the rights of the members are always upheld. I believe that the interests of the members must also be represented within the union itself.


It’s very difficult in these times to be a union member. With employers whose only care is the bottomline, governments supporting overseas jobs, foreign companies coming into our workforce without unions and getting subsidies from the government and the media perpetuating the myth that organized labor is killing business, it’s trendy to bash unions and their members – which is why we need to get our voice heard loud and clear. 


We stand ready, not only to serve our membership, but to welcome new members into our ranks to join in the struggle for better wages, benefits, and working conditions. Our future success will rely on our ongoing solidarity and commitment to improve the lives of the working men and women who we proudly represent.


In Solidarity,


(Signed)  Joe DiCamillo